Sex offender shuts fake driving school after Herald expos

Sex offender shuts fake driving school after Herald expos

THE driving school at the centre of a Herald investigation into a sex offender working as an instructor has ceased trading.

The business, which the bogus instructor advertised on top of his car, was de registered shortly after the Herald caught him giving a lesson to a young woman in south Dublin.

Meanwhile, the owner of a legitimate motoring school, fake id maker online shocked by the story, has offered free lessons to any victims of the instructor who have been shaken by their experiences.

The convict was caught by the Herald giving a lesson to a young woman even though he is not a certified instructor. He is on a suspended jail sentence for a sexual assault on a woman six years ago.

The Herald watched as the convict drove around a car park in south Dublin before parking his Nissan Micra and getting into the young woman’s car.

When approached and asked for his ID, he flatly denied giving lessons, despite the woman telling the Herald she had met him by arrangement after phoning him at a number for a driving school his car had displayed.

The man, fake id generator who cannot be named for legal reasons, also initially denied his own identity, but later admitted he was a convicted sex offender and said he was awaiting an appeal of the RSA’s decision not to certify him.

However, two other victims later came forward to confirm that they had given the convict hundreds of euro for lessons.

Now a long established Dublin motoring school has stepped in to help the victims after the owner said he was «sickened» to read of the activities of the bogus instructor.

Park School of Motoring has offered a free assessment to the victims «to assess if they were instructed incorrectly or if they have any underlying issues that may have arisen from the lesson they received from this unregistered instructor».

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